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  Dated: 09/08/2016
129/01/2018Special Lecture on Frontier Areas if Memory Research: Working Memory Across the Adult Life Span
229/01/201845th Colloquium on The Ageing Mind
307/11/2017Academic Calender Semester 1 and III / II and IV
429/09/2017Classes for Post M.A. Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapies (2017-18)
528/08/2017General Category Waiting List for Admission
609/05/2017Pre-Ph.D course Work Syllabi
710/04/2017Meeting of the UG Board of Studies in Psychology (B.A. Psychology and B.A. Psychology (Hons.) on 11.04.2017 according to CBCS Pattern.
802/12/2016Applications are invited for the position of Research Associate/ Assistant for ICSSR Funded Research Project.
911/11/2016Total Lecture Shortage 31.10.2016 (Semester - III)
1011/11/2016Total Lecture Shortage 31.10.2016 (Semester - I)
1110/10/2016Total Shortage of Lecture 30.09.2016 (Semester III)
1210/10/2016Total Shortage of Lecture 30.09.2016 (Semester I)
1310/10/2016Merit-cum-Means Based Scholarship and Post Matric Scholarship for the year 2016-17
1406/10/2016M.A. Semester III (Psychology) - Statement showing the shortage of lectures for the Academic Session 2016-17 (upto 31.08.2016)
1506/10/2016M.A. Semester I (Psychology) - Statement showing the shortage of lectures for the Academic Session 2016-17 (upto 31.08.2016)
1612/09/2016The students are required to email the following detaiils (proforma enclosed) 12.09.2016
1729/08/2016Fee Notice for Admission to Post M.A. Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy (2016-17)
1829/08/2016Final Merit List for Admission to Post M.A. Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy (2016-17)
1924/08/2016Provisional Merit List for Admission to Post M.A. Diplom in Counselling & Psychotherapy (2016-17)
2023/08/2016Notification for Tentative and Provisional Merit List
2123/08/2016Tentative Merit List for Post M.A. Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy (2016-17)
2317/08/2016Notice for Diploma (Session 2016-17)
2416/08/2016Waiting list (General Category)
2512/08/2016Waiting list (General Category)
2612/08/2016Waiting list (General Category)
2711/08/2016Waiting list (General Category)
2808/08/2016Waiting list (Scheduled Tribe Category)
2902/08/2016Waiting list (General Category)
3001/08/2016Waiting list (General Category)
3128/07/2016Waiting List
3227/07/2016Waiting List DEFENCE
3327/07/2016Sports List
3427/07/2016Waiting list (General Category)
3527/07/2016list of admitted and wait list candidates inSports Category
3620/07/2016Merit List of Hostel Accommodation
3719/07/2016Merit List General and Reserve
3819/07/2016Start of teaching Academic Session 2016-2017
3918/07/2016Revised Final Merit List (General Category and Waiting List)
4018/07/2016Final Merit List M.A. I (Psychology) 2016-2017
4117/07/2016notice for M.A. III Classes
4314/07/2016Notice reg payment of fee date
4413/07/2016Tentative Merit List M.A. I (Psychology) 2016-2017 Reserved Categories
4512/07/2016Tentative Merit List M.A. I (Psychology) 2016-2017 General category
4611/07/2016Tentative Counselling Schedule M.A. I 2016-2017
4710/02/2016Notice inviting quotations for purchase of Canon MF 6180 DW Printer on DGS & D rateGS & D
4823/09/2015Interview for Post M.A. Diploma
4923/09/2015Interview for Post M.A.Diploma
5023/09/2015Interview for Post M.A. Diploma
5105/08/2015Interview for Guest Faculty
5215/07/2015Circular for Guest Faculty
5303/07/2015Interview for M.A. I (Psychology) 2015-2016
5405/05/20153rd World Congress on Excellence 2015
5501/04/2015Notice for Alumni Meet 2015

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