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Spreading Happiness: Educational Material Donation Drive

The department of Psychology has started an innovative social outreach program titled "Spreading happiness: Educational material donation drive".

The Aim is to reach the disadvantaged and educate them.
We have recognised sections of society which do not have access to even the basic reading materials / stationary.

Due to COVID -19, since movements of people are restrained, and students, alumni are at home, they can start collecting extra books, stationary, paper, pens etc lying unused at their place which can be distributed once the COVID-19 situation improves. Department has plans to put donations boxes at various locations once the COVID 19 situation improves.

This could include old Books ( fiction/magazines/ NCERTs etc)

Let's all come forward and work for this cause . Every little contribution will help in spreading happiness !

Look out for materials you'd like to donate towards this cause . Suggestions are most welcome.


Prof Seema Vinayak

  Dated: 20/08/2020
1. 12/05/2023Ph.D Viva-voce of Ms. Medhavi Gugnani on 15.05.2023
2. 08/05/2023Ph.D Viva-voce of Ms. Mahima Sahi on 10.05.2023
3. 08/05/2023Ph.D Viva-voce of Ms. Neha Chopra on 09.05.2023
4. 03/05/2023Ph.D Viva-voce of Mr. Gagandeep Singh on 08.05.2023
5. 10/03/2023Ph.D Viva-voce of Ms. Sheena Shivinder Kaur on 15.03.2023
6. 07/03/2023Project Guidelines for Master of Arts in Psychology (Semester IV) w.e.f. January, 2023
7. 28/02/2023Talent Prade : Dark Horse on 03.03.2023
8. 28/02/2023Organizing Expert Session : The Alumni - A Journey with Psychology
9. 27/02/2023Ph.D Viva-voce of Ms. Supreet Kaur on 03.03.2023
10. 20/02/2023Ph.D Viva-voce of Ms. Neetu Dalal on 20.02.2023
11. 14/02/2023Walk-in-Interview for Guest Faculty (2022-23) on 24.02.2023
12. 06/02/2023Ph.D Admission/Interview on 13.02.2023 at 11:30am
13. 24/01/2023Guest Faculty Interview scheduled on 25.01.2023 is postponed
14. 23/01/2023Admission Schedule for Admission to Ph.D 2022-23
15. 21/12/2022Datesheet Pre-Ph.D Examination 2022
16. 15/11/2022Sensitization of Mental Health to Celebrate Jan Jatiya Gaurav Divas
17. 31/10/2022National Unity Day
18. 29/09/2022Ethnic Day, September 2022
19. 26/08/2022Ph.D viva-voce examination of Ms. Nisha Kumari online mode on 29.08.2022
20. 26/08/2022Program Outcome
21. 12/07/2022Ph.D Viva-voce of Mr. Amit Kumar on 15.07.2022
22. 04/07/2022Ph.D viva-voce examination of Ms. Ashima Irfan online mode on 07.07.2022
23. 09/05/2022Ph.D viva-voce examination of Ms. Divya Jyoti online mode on 13.05.2022
24. 20/04/202215th UN Psychology Day
25. 11/02/2022National Webinar on Mental Health on 11.02.2022
26. 10/01/2022Ph.D Viva-voce examination of Ms. Unman Singh on 10.01.2022
27. 25/11/2021Advertisement for Guest Faculty
28. 27/10/2021Ph.D Viva-voce examination of Mr. Vipin Chaudhary on 29.10.2021
29. 17/09/2021Ph.D viva-voce examination of Ms. Shikha Garg on 20.09.2021
30. 09/09/2021World Suicide Prevention Day 2021
31. 20/07/2021Ph.D viva-voce of Ms Madhvi Malhotra on 22.07.2021
32. 29/06/2021Ph.D viva-voce of Mr Naveen Kumar on 05.07.2021
33. 15/06/2021Advt.
34. 20/05/2021Guest Faculty
35. 19/05/2021Advt.
36. 18/03/2021Ph.D viva-voce of Ms Sonali Kondal on 30.03..2021
37. 24/02/2021Ph.D viva-voce of Ms Chandan Preet on 26.02.2021
38. 21/01/2021Online Alumni Meet 2021
39. 08/01/2021Ph.D interview 2021
40. 22/12/2020PhD Viva voce of Ms. Priyapreet Kaur Sandhu on 24.12.2020
41. 11/12/2020National Webinar on Techniques to Enhance Mental Health on 14.12.2020
42. 08/12/2020PhD Viva voce of Ms. Aparajita Sharma on 17.12.2020
43. 08/12/2020PhD Viva voce of Ms. Aakriti Jain on 16.12.2020
44. 04/12/2020Webinar on Mental Health
45. 02/12/2020National Webinar on Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Mental Health on 4 December, 2020 at 02:30pm
46. 27/10/2020No association of Department of Psychology with NAPS India, its activity and journal
47. 24/09/2020Tutorial Mentor Mentee Groups Semester - III 2020
48. 14/09/2020Notice for Students of M.A. Semester IV and Post M.A. Diploma Semester - II
49. 19/08/2020Ph.D Viva voce of Ms. Megha Aggarwal on 27.08.2020 at 11:30 a.m.
50. 20/07/2020PhD Viva voce of Ms. Heena Parveen on 21.07.2020
51. 26/02/2020Placement Information 2017-18 onwards
52. 24/09/2019International Workshop on 25 September, 2019
53. 19/09/2019No Collaboration of Department with Indian Psychological Science Congress - India to be held on October 18-20, 2019
54. 14/08/2018For Annual Report
55. 08/08/20185th International and 7th Indian Psychological Science Congress
57. 29/01/2018Special Lecture on Frontier Areas if Memory Research: Working Memory Across the Adult Life Span
58. 29/01/201845th Colloquium on The Ageing Mind
59. 07/11/2017Academic Calender Semester 1 and III / II and IV
60. 29/09/2017Classes for Post M.A. Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapies (2017-18)
61. 28/08/2017General Category Waiting List for Admission
62. 10/04/2017Meeting of the UG Board of Studies in Psychology (B.A. Psychology and B.A. Psychology (Hons.) on 11.04.2017 according to CBCS Pattern.
63. 02/12/2016Applications are invited for the position of Research Associate/ Assistant for ICSSR Funded Research Project.
64. 11/11/2016Total Lecture Shortage 31.10.2016 (Semester - III)
65. 11/11/2016Total Lecture Shortage 31.10.2016 (Semester - I)
66. 10/10/2016Total Shortage of Lecture 30.09.2016 (Semester III)
67. 10/10/2016Total Shortage of Lecture 30.09.2016 (Semester I)
68. 10/10/2016Merit-cum-Means Based Scholarship and Post Matric Scholarship for the year 2016-17
69. 06/10/2016M.A. Semester III (Psychology) - Statement showing the shortage of lectures for the Academic Session 2016-17 (upto 31.08.2016)
70. 06/10/2016M.A. Semester I (Psychology) - Statement showing the shortage of lectures for the Academic Session 2016-17 (upto 31.08.2016)
71. 12/09/2016The students are required to email the following detaiils (proforma enclosed) 12.09.2016
72. 29/08/2016Fee Notice for Admission to Post M.A. Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy (2016-17)
73. 29/08/2016Final Merit List for Admission to Post M.A. Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy (2016-17)
74. 24/08/2016Provisional Merit List for Admission to Post M.A. Diplom in Counselling & Psychotherapy (2016-17)
75. 23/08/2016Notification for Tentative and Provisional Merit List
76. 23/08/2016Tentative Merit List for Post M.A. Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy (2016-17)
77. 22/08/2016Notification
78. 17/08/2016Notice for Diploma (Session 2016-17)
79. 16/08/2016Waiting list (General Category)
80. 12/08/2016Waiting list (General Category)
81. 12/08/2016Waiting list (General Category)
82. 11/08/2016Waiting list (General Category)
83. 09/08/2016RDC Meeting
84. 08/08/2016Waiting list (Scheduled Tribe Category)
85. 02/08/2016Waiting list (General Category)
86. 01/08/2016Waiting list (General Category)
87. 28/07/2016Waiting List
88. 27/07/2016Waiting List DEFENCE
89. 27/07/2016Sports List
90. 27/07/2016Waiting list (General Category)
91. 27/07/2016list of admitted and wait list candidates inSports Category
92. 20/07/2016Merit List of Hostel Accommodation
93. 19/07/2016Merit List General and Reserve
94. 19/07/2016Start of teaching Academic Session 2016-2017
95. 18/07/2016Revised Final Merit List (General Category and Waiting List)
96. 18/07/2016Final Merit List M.A. I (Psychology) 2016-2017
97. 17/07/2016notice for M.A. III Classes
98. 14/07/2016counselling
99. 14/07/2016Notice reg payment of fee date
100. 13/07/2016Tentative Merit List M.A. I (Psychology) 2016-2017 Reserved Categories
101. 12/07/2016Tentative Merit List M.A. I (Psychology) 2016-2017 General category
102. 11/07/2016Tentative Counselling Schedule M.A. I 2016-2017
103. 23/09/2015Interview for Post M.A. Diploma
104. 23/09/2015Interview for Post M.A.Diploma
105. 23/09/2015Interview for Post M.A. Diploma
106. 05/08/2015Interview for Guest Faculty
107. 15/07/2015Circular for Guest Faculty
108. 03/07/2015Interview for M.A. I (Psychology) 2015-2016
109. 05/05/20153rd World Congress on Excellence 2015
110. 01/04/2015Notice for Alumni Meet 2015

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